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Joe Frazzano is not just a real estate broker; he's a trusted advisor, a community insider, and a lifestyle architect with over $2.5 billion in sales. As the co-principal of The Frazzano Tse Team, he operates with unparalleled professionalism and commitment to your success. He’s not just about the sale; he's about finding the perfect fit for his clients, whether they are buying or selling in the Greater East Bay and 680 Corridor.

Ranked among the best, Joe transforms the typical real estate experience into an innovative journey. Sellers can expect an eye-catching presentation that maximizes visibility, using high-quality photography, refined staging, and a vast online presence. Buyers receive a tailored consultation, helping them envision a home's potential with precise, cost-effective modifications.


  • Specializes in residential, luxury, and new construction properties
  • Exceptional communication, always accessible and responsive
  • Master negotiator with a knack for creative, equitable solutions


  • Notable for high client advocacy and first-class service
  • Recognized for innovative, solution-oriented approaches
  • Excelled in strategic marketing and social media utilization

A longtime resident of Danville, Joe knows the heartbeats of his community. Above all, he values integrity, resourcefulness, and the achievement of your real estate dreams. With Joe, you're not just buying a home; you're buying into a lifestyle.

Joe Frazzano brings a wealth of expertise to Danville's real estate scene. More than a broker, Joe is a strategic advisor and an expert guide, offering an in-depth understanding of market trends that elevates his service above the ordinary.

The hallmark of Joe Frazzano's approach is his steadfast commitment to core values—integrity, resourcefulness, and dedication to his clients' real estate ambitions. Recognizing the profound impact of buying or selling a home, Joe ensures that every transaction is not just a financial decision but a milestone. With Joe, you gain a partner dedicated to making your property aspirations come true.

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Meet Joe

In representing his clients with a high level of personalized service, Joe Frazzano conducts himself with the utmost professionalism to deliver impressive results. With over $2.4 billion in sales, and as the co-principal of The Frazzano Tse Team, Joe exhibits his proficient counsel, keen insights, and the highest level of integrity and resourcefulness when advising his clients on all real estate matters. As a specialist in the Acquisition and Marketing of Residential, Luxury, and New Construction Properties, he is intimately connected, knows the trends, and truly enjoys sharing his insights into the rich and charming character that the Greater East Bay and 680 Corridor has to offer.
Joe heightens the real estate experience by offering his clients an innovative, solution-oriented, consultative approach.
When working with sellers, he designs and executes an impactful presentation that skillfully leverages each of Joe Frazzano’s listings’ visibility to stand out from the competition by utilizing professionally produced photography and refined staging services and a presentation in print and on numerous websites and social media platforms.
When working with buyers, he carefully listens and diligently aligns and applies himself so that he may locate a residence and distinguished setting that meets their lifestyle requirements. Joe excels at helping his clients visualize a home’s potential by advising them on enhancing the living space to meet their personal needs by implementing cost-effective modifications and specific upgrades to the property. In preparing a seller’s home with the correct updated touches of new hardwoods, tile, modern appliances, added stone surfaces, lighting fixtures, landscaping, and painted interiors, or helping a buyer understand the full scope of remodeling a kitchen and bathroom with the latest current features; Joe’s applied proficiencies and access to a full array of artisans are all part of his special care and attention that makes all the elements ideally come together.
Joe excels at serving each client with exceptional first-class service, true advocacy, and full-service resources that markedly result in each client accomplishing their real estate goals. He is very thorough in providing constant communication and is always extremely attentive, accessible, and responds promptly to his clients. He is highly skilled in negotiating the critical, contractual components of the transaction and is masterful at finding creative and equitable solutions. Delivering responsive, confident results with a compassionate, impactful approach is part of Joe’s distinguished style in always accomplishing truly high achievements for his clients.

Joe Frazzano, Broker Associate

Team Founder
760 Camino Ramon Ste 200 Danville CA 94526


  • Nationally recognized as the #1 user of Compass Concierge from 2021 to 2023.


  • Consistently ranked among the top three real estate teams in Contra Costa and Alameda Counties 


  • Held the esteemed position of the #1 real estate team for an uninterrupted decade, spanning 2009 to 2019.


  • Licensed as a California real estate broker since 1994, solidifying over two decades of professional experience.


  • A dedicated real estate aficionado with an eclectic international portfolio, underscored by a commitment to lifelong learning.



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