Local Exposure

Maximizing Local Market Visibility

The Frazzano Tse Team stands at the forefront of the Danville and SF East Bay real estate market, offering unparalleled service from Walnut Creek to Livermore. Our expansive reach and deep local knowledge ensure your real estate needs are met, no matter where you are in the East Bay.

Print Advertising

The Frazzano Tse Team has regular advertisements in multiple local print publications including Luxury Home Magazine and Danville Living. We'll craft eye-catching print advertisements and distribute them in local media outlets to attract potential buyers.

Direct Email List / Property Website

Communication plays a critical role in the swift and successful sale of your home. Compass pairs well-designed email design with data-driven targeting to ensure your listing arrives in precisely the right hands.

Eye-catching design
Our crisp, clean aesthetic beautifully frames your images and listing details.

Mobile optimization
With so many buyers viewing email on their phone, our scrolls are designed for both platforms.

Intelligent targeting
A variety of layouts lends itself to both consumer-facing and broker-facing messaging.

We'll create custom email lists and dedicated property websites to directly target and engage with potential buyers.

Direct Mail

Our professional graphic design team creates beautiful marketing collateral for your home to target market mailings to a large database of potential buyers, including South Bay, Peninsula, and San Francisco buyers moving north. For those who may not be actively searching online, we'll design and send targeted direct mail campaigns to reach a broader audience.

Personal Network

Leveraging our extensive personal network within the real estate industry, we'll generate valuable leads and referrals to help sell your home.


Photography and videography are an important element of real estate marketing and is becoming an essential. 90% of today’s homebuyers use online services to find their next home. The Frazzano Tse Team knows the value of utilizing the best available photography and videography. You can expect your home to look its best in person, in print, and online. Our team will capture stunning images of your home, ensuring it looks its absolute best in all marketing materials.


We'll utilize drone technology to capture breathtaking aerial shots and videos, especially beneficial for larger properties.

Video Tours

We'll create professional video tours of your property, providing virtual walkthroughs and highlighting its key features to captivate potential buyers.

Open House and Broker Tours

We'll organize and host open house events and exclusive broker tours, giving interested parties a firsthand experience of your property.

Twilight Events

For high-end properties, we can arrange captivating twilight events, creating a unique atmosphere to showcase your home.

Office Meetings

You're always welcome in our office for face-to-face meetings, where we can discuss strategies and updates on your listing.

Social Media

Using various social media platforms, we'll create engaging posts and ads to showcase your home, directly engaging with potential buyers in the digital realm.

Digital Marketing

We'll use the power of online advertising, social media, and search engine optimization to significantly boost the visibility of your property to a vast online audience.

Specialized Marketing COMPASS

We have access to specialized marketing services provided by Compass, further enhancing the visibility and reach of your property.


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