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Welcome to the Frazzano Tse Team, where our unparalleled marketing strategies and extensive network result in more sales and higher sales prices. Over the years, the Frazzano Tse Team has consistently been recognized as one of the top agents in the area by the Wall Street Journal/Real Trends list of top agents by sales volume from 2009 to 2023. Our expertise is unmatched, successfully closing numerous properties annually in the SF Bay Area.

Our departure from inexperienced or cookie-cutter approaches commonly seen in some real estate firms sets us apart. Instead, we adopt a personalized and specific approach to each home we represent. Our clients benefit from expert consultation and advice from the outset, allowing us to determine the best mechanisms and strategies to maximize their home's selling potential at the highest price.

At the Frazzano Tse Team, we firmly believe in the significance of presentation during the selling process. We take immense pride in our ability to create and manage the visual appeal of your property. Understanding that success lies in the finest details. We work diligently to present your home in the most captivating manner. Our team's core values of hard work, ambition, and unwavering dedication ensure that our clients receive outstanding service and achieve remarkable results in all their real estate endeavors.

What We Offer Our Marketing Plan

When you choose our team, you're not just opting for a service, but investing in a proven, stress-free experience backed by years of success. Our expertly crafted marketing strategy starts with a meticulous home preparation plan, fine-tuned to fit your unique needs. With a solid track record of top-tier sales, we offer a transparent, easy-to-follow roadmap that minimizes your stress and maximizes results. You can relax and hand over the keys—our proven approach has consistently delivered outstanding outcomes, assuring you can proceed with full confidence.

Our initial step involves enlisting the expertise of a professional stager who conducts a meticulous site visit. This crucial first move sets the stage for transforming your property into a captivating and market-ready masterpiece.

We maintain a network of dependable and budget-friendly vendors, covering everything from movers and packers to junk haulers, landscapers, painters, flooring specialists, handypersons, window washers, house cleaners, and carpet cleaners. Before commencing any work, we compile comprehensive cost estimates and seek your approval, ensuring transparency and peace of mind throughout the process.

Our team possesses the capability to pre-market your home to an extensive network of over 20,000 Compass agents nationwide, boasting the largest private network in the nation. During this private exclusive timeframe, your property incurs no days on the market as we meticulously plan and strategize for the ideal timing. 

The next exciting phase of our pre-marketing strategy involves listing your home on MLS and Zillow as 'Coming Soon,' accompanied by a prominent 'For Sale' sign. This strategic move ignites anticipation and builds momentum for your property while we meticulously finalize the preparations.

Once the meticulous home preparation is finished, our team will provide expert recommendations and seamlessly coordinate a comprehensive home cleaning. This service typically encompasses window cleaning and adds those final, enchanting touches to your landscaping.

The true magic unfolds in the final staging phase, bringing every element together to create the perfect setting for capturing the most captivating photos. This is where every detail harmonizes, allowing us to showcase your property at its absolute best.

By harnessing state-of-the-art photography and advanced video editing techniques, we ensure the utilization of premium-quality images to market your home. This kickstarts the process of creating awareness and building momentum during the crucial initial phases of pre-marketing your property. 

We take pride in our unparalleled marketing approach. Our listings benefit from exclusive access to private network groups and a vast database of high-earning individuals. This unique advantage lets us connect your property with discerning buyers seeking luxury real estate. Our commitment is to showcase your home to thousands of potential buyers, ensuring it receives the exceptional exposure it deserves within the luxury real estate market. 


We combine the power of both paid and organic strategies to boost your online presence. Organic efforts build authentic connections, while paid advertising ensures your message reaches the right audience, making your real estate endeavors more successful.

Open houses provide a fantastic opportunity to engage with prospective buyers actively searching for homes, whether independently or with their agents. This enables us to showcase the unique features and benefits that make your home perfectly fit their needs.

We ensure complete transparency by providing sellers with a comprehensive marketing report. This report offers detailed updates on every aspect of your home's marketing and sale, empowering you with valuable insights throughout the process.

Carefully assess and skillfully negotiate offers to secure the most favorable terms on your behalf.

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"Our mission at the Frazzano Tse Team is to surpass every client's high expectations."

- Joe Frazzano + Alex Tse

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